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LIC Jeevan Anand Premium Calculator

Among the very useful online resources you can utilize at this time is a LIC jeevan anand premium calculator. You have to decide the sum assured an term of policy. Every insurance provider sets their own premiums, the kind of and level of insurance policy you buy and your way of living practices also impact your premiums, for instance for anyone who is a smoker will pay a increased rate.

Insurance policy, similar to a home purchase mustn't be hurried into. You should do the analysis. Using a little while to compare different plans from leading insurance companies. The charges are determined based on numerous risk aspects.
An insurance policy premium is generally the amount an individual pays for a specific level of insurance plan coverage. Insurance providers base their premium calculations on a number of elements that constitute a business model. This model takes into account most of the things that have an effect on the chances of a claim being submitted on a particular type of insurance coverage. The objective is a determination that safeguards the corporation while offering the most affordable rates possible to be able to attract customers.

In the given jeevan anand chart we have given premium from age 18 years to 49 years for sum assured Rs. 1 Lacs and premium paying term 15 years. That is the basic premium and not including health extra or occupation extra etc. for exact premium please contact nearest agent of please fill in your details in the contact form on this website.

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Jeevan anand Premium Chart online

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RE: exact premium for my age - i want to know exact premium for my age and sum age is 24.and sum assured will be 3 lacs,what will be premium for 26 years,what amount i get at maturity date that is after my last premium including approx bonus and extra bonus Bhavini - Nagpur - SEPTEMBER 14, 2013 AT 04:29 PM

Re. lic jeevan anand 149 premium calculator - Thank you for the detailed information about premium. I want to know exact premium for my age and sum assured as the above table shows premium rates for Rs. 1 lacs sum assured only. My age is 35 years and sum assured will be Rs. 25 lacs. What will be the premium for 21 years premium paying term? Also let me know the premium details for riders i want to opt for critical illness , double accident benefit and term. Thank you in advance. Gajendra - Delhi - OCTOBER 25, 2012 AT 07:38 PM

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Premium Mode

Premium modes available for this plan are Monthly / Quarterly / Half Yearly and Yearly