LIC Jeevan Anand Policy
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LIC Monthly recurring deposit plan

LIC Jeevan Anand Policy Table 149 by LIC of India

Jeevan Anand is an exclusive plan by Life Insurance Corporation of India table 165 having excellent features of the traditional plans and the flexibility of ULIP plans. As you have an option to pay premium monthly direct debit from your bank account many people call it as monthly recurring Life Insurance Plan by Lic of India. As this is a insurance cum investment plan where the nominee get maturity sum assured of that year plus entire premium paid plus loyalty additions if any in case of unfortunate death of the policy holder.

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Policy Details
Policy benefits
Maturity benefit
Income tax benefit
Policy features
Surrender value
Loan on policy
Double accident benefit
Disability benefit

Policy Details

An excellent combination of endowment and whole life plans, LIC’s Jeevan Anand not only give survival benefits at the end of the term of policy, but also guarantees life cover to continue till the death of the policyholder. What was even more exciting about the scheme was the fact that the amount of life cover (sum assured) is payable two times. One, at the end of the premium paying term to the policyholder, and after that, to nominee upon the death of the policyholder. The following illustration explains the features of this plan: Prashant , aged 31 years old, take Jeevan Anand for a period of 25 years for a sum assured of Rs Ten lakh. He will accordingly pay premiums on this policy till he become 65. At the end of the policy term, when Prashant is 56 years old, he will get maturity proceeds Rs 10 lakh, that is the sum assured, by the policy, and the amount of accrued bonuses, accumulated over 25 years.If in case Prashant dies at the age of 75, his nominee will once again get the sum assured of Rs 10 lakh from LIC. During the previous three years, the bonus rates declared by LIC for Jeevan Anand have been Rs 34, Rs 37, Rs 41 and Rs 45 per Rs 1,000 sum assured for policy terms of 10, 15, 20 and 25 years, respectively. But, in case of the death of the policyholder during the policy term, that is in the above illustration, if Prashant were to die during the 25 year policy term, his nominee will get the sum assured of Rs 10 lakh and the amount of accrued bonuses and the policy shall come to an end. There will be no additional receipts from LIC.

Death Benefit

In the event of death of the Life Insured prior to the end of the Policy Period, the sum assured plus accumulated bonus is paid In case there is death of the Life Insured after the Policy Term, Sum Assured is given as death benefit at any time the policyholder dies.

Maturity Benefit

At the maturity of the insurance policy, the insured will get Sum Assured + accrued bonus plus final addition bonus

Income Tax Benefit

Premiums paid under life insurance policy are free from tax under Section 80 C and maturity earnings are free from tax under Section 10 (10D)

Policy Features

  • The plan brings together the advantages of both whole life plan and endowment plan.
  • In this plan, premiums paying term is limited to the term selected at the time of taking policy and maturity benefits are payable on the date of maturity. But the insurance coverage of the policyholder goes on till death, as this is whole life policy
  • Bonus accrued for the duration of the premium paying period and is given as survival benefit at the end of the premium paying term or on sooner death together with Final Additional Bonus. No Bonus is given on loss of life after the premium paying term.
  • Double Accident Benefit is offered during the premium paying term with no extra premium and after that up to age 70 wherein further sum assured is payable on dying caused by an accident. This benefit is built-in and no extra premiums is required to be paid. Highest possible accident cover offered under this plan is going to be Rs. 5,00,000/-
  • Policy loan is going to be provided against the forfeit value of the policy right after payment of premiums for a minimum of 3 years. Interest on these kinds of loans will likely be set by the LIC from time to time.

Surrender Value

Purchasing a life insurance coverage plan is a long-term commitment. On the other hand, surrender prices are offered on the plan on prior cancellations of the long term contract. Guaranteed Surrender Value: The insurance policy could possibly be surrendered right after it has been in effect for 3 years or even more. The assured surrender price is 30% of the primary premiums paid not including the very first year’s premium. Any additional premium(s) paid for and premium(s) towards Accident Benefit are also omitted.

Loan on policy

Most of LIC policies are of endowment kind and the policyholder is likely to be helped to get a loan against insurance policy if he need money. Policu holders can take loan against jeevan anand policy also. The loan can be payed back with interest or keep on paying the interest and enable the loan to be taken off during the time of the claim payments.

Free Double Accident Benefit and disability benefit

This plan offers an extra double accident benefit in which an additional sum assured (subject to a highest possible of Rs 5 lakh) is payable to the nominee in case there is the loss of life of the insurance policy holder caused by accident up to 70 years of age. In the event of permanent disability of the policyholder resulting from accident, this additional amount assured will be paid in installments.

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Hi, Can anyone tell me about Future Generalli Saral Anand plan. I am thinking to buy one for my parents who is 54 years and 50 years as other insurance companies will possibly go for a health-related test or premium will be too much). Also please suggest me , is this plan suitable for young ages or not.... Please guide. Ashish Kumar - Nashik - AUGUST 28, 2013 AT 07:24 PM

Hello, I was interested in knowing the rate of return at which the amount would be compounded fro arriving at the "accumulated bonus". Is it some kind of a unit linked scheme (equity based) or otherwise? What is the average rate for this accumulated bonus? Sunil - Pune - JULY 15, 2013 AT 12:25 PM

lic jevan anand policy - My name is n vijay kumar age 48 i want to take jeevan anand policy for 20yrs plan if i die in policy time period bonus will gives the nominee or not plz send rply.Vijay Kumar - Navi Mumbai - JUNE 18, 2013 AT 06:05 PM

lic jeevan anand policy status -I have taken this policy couple of years back when my age was 25 years. I have been paying premium since 6 years through monthly ECS. I dont have the receipts with me as I shifted to Pune now. This policy was taken while I was working in a company in Mumbai. Can you please email me the procedure to get the statements online and know the exact status of my policy i.e. how much premium is paid and total bonus accumulated etc.Chaanakya - Mumbai - OCTOBER 25, 2012 AT 07:30 PM

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Key Features

- Security for life with a assurance of basic amount insured
- Surrender Value after 3 years’ premiums have been paid
- Bonus announced every year
- Insurance coverage up to age 100
- Choice for extra protection via riders

Premium Mode

Premium modes available for this plan are Monthly / Quarterly / Half Yearly and Yearly